Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not Over You

Obviously i still can't get enough of holiday! Who can? But no matter what, good times will come to an end and tomorrow will be the first day of me working! Bidding goodbye to undergraduate status and hello to the working environment. Just got some text from my lovely friends asking me to sleep early... Oh no~ Alright, i'm just going to post a short one and then hit the sack ok?

4 months is Alaska broadens my mind and thinking about US culture. Meeting new friends and loving them as part of my family is so heart warming that i will miss them all the time. I really hope one day i will have the chance to be back, visiting all of them and the beautiful state. *cross fingers*

New York, love hate relationship with this extremely busy city. Everything is so fast pace making you feel energetic and tiring at the same time. Haha... would dream about the broadway shows and perfect night view of NYC... not to forget shopping paradise! 

Niagara Falls is a place i always wanted to go! I think i wrote about visiting this place is a must before i die. Haha! Well, true enough. 

The state of California, have everything. Beaches, greens, grand canyon, Disney Land.... a colourful place indeed. Somehow i just love the weather there... sunny bright sky allowing me to style more casually rather than wrapping myself in layers! Sigh... I miss LA. Better work harder and earn enough to have a long trip here soon! Hehe! 

What's next? Oh San Francisco! I am so staying here if i ever get a pr. Lol. Let me dream about living in San Fran for now first can? Just Look at the architecture. Imagine ur house being unique along the street... the people here are most friendly i would say, making us feel very much welcome. Yes, at this moment i'm picturing myself playing with my dog at the open green field with my yacht parked at the back of my house. Dream~ 

Better not miss out the most beautiful city during the night. Las Vegas! Definitely a place to visit if you light blinking lights and wow wow wow hotels. Lol~ And of course, if you would want a chance to double up your cash or lost it all in a night... come here baby. 

Sexy Hawaii. Trust me it is a super awesome breathtaking view when you stroll along this island. Geez! Skimpy bikinis and hot surfers at all corners of the beach is *whistle*. Hahaha! Ok la its not that exaggerating but almost there.  Oh, pardon my belly popping out in the following pictures. =( 

See why i still enjoy scrolling through all my photo albums? Sigh. Thank goodness last week i managed to have a spontaneous trip to Penang. It helps to cure my craving of fun, food and stressless life. 

Okie, time for some rest. I knew we all had a great time and we will for sure have it again in near future. Let's keep working hard for now my loves, all the best! Muaxx. 

The united states of A, i'm so not over you. 

With love, 

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